How does BioMagic work

BioMagic fluid was first invented in the USA and sold in many countries including OZ; NZ; SA; CANADA and the UK. We became sole agents for the product for the UK but the rise in fuel prices between 2006 and 2010 made shipping expensive plus the GB£ to the US$ rate fell making importation unviable and uncompetitive. Eventually, an agreement was reached to make a UK version in the UK to suit the conditions here. This involved adding certain elements that the US version did not have and that included a lime scale inhibitor and an odour anchor element as well as the addition of friendly micro-organisms that were not a part of the US product. The name BioMagic is registered  in the UK!

The basic formula involves a liquid that has a very high oxygen content and this enables normally anaerobic bacteria found in the gut and therefore in human and animal waste to be turned into aerobic bacteria. This has two important affects, first it makes the bacteria hyper-active now that they have a plentiful supply of Oxygen rich fluid. The second major affect is that when in the aerobic state they do not produce Hydrogen Sulphide gas or Methane which together produce, the egg like smell of rotting waste matter. Instead the aerobic bacteria produce carbon Dioxide which is an odourless gas that feeds all plant life on earth, so the smell has gone. The lime scale inhibitor deals with any calcium build up that may come from hard water or medication, while the odour anchor deals with any odour that may be present by anchoring it below the liquid and that is why it is important to add at least a litre or two of water to a cassette and more to a larger holding tank to ensure that the waste is covered by the oxygen rich fluid.

The waste including toilet paper will begin to break down immediately and in a cassette it should be an odourless sludge within two or three days when it is due for emptying. In larger tanks you will find that the more you use the product the better your holding tank will work as a healthy colony of friendly bacteria is established. Just follow the instructions on the bottle label for best results. Please remember that though the product includes magic in its name it will not work miracles so remember that the larger the tank the more BioMagic you will need to add in a pro-rata sort of way based on 50-ml of ready to use BioMagic a week for every 20-litres of volume of water level in the tank for best results, so as the waste water level rises so more BM is required if unsure just add more! If you find your grey water tank smelling add 50 to 100-ml to that and the smell will be gone!