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We can no longer supply any Country Other than Mainland, UK, the CI’s, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland! This is due to the ongoing difficulties with the EU, The USA, Canada, South America and Parts of the Scandinavian. If in doubt please email Donna@inter-bio.com before you place any orders. A full Refund will be offered for any orders placed that cannot be delivered!

Environmentally safe products for Toilets aboard Motorhomes, RV’s, Caravans, Yachts and both Broad Beam and Narrow Boats, see our Tank Cleaner Items and Video for fuel in water tank.


 2024 News from Biomagic UK

Welcome to the All New Biomagic Website! We now have a 15-minute Video showing who uses our products and what NOT TO DO When filling your fuel Tank. See the link on our Products Page!

There will now be a link to a Boat Building company that supplies Kit Boats of all kinds for those who wish to venture to Rivers, Lakes and even the sea? These Kits are from Dudley Dix the famouse boat designer and the Kits are complete with everything you will need to build a boat at home at a price that you can afford.


HAVE A LOOK AT THIS SITE;         https://www.ckdboats.com



From now on we hope that you will continue to use this site for all your orders as the old sites have been taken down but everything you need and more is still here. ALL `delivery queries will be answered by email,  Contact  Donna@inter-bio.com for anything to do with deliveries.

Two Links have been added to display, Some TESTIMONIALS and How Biomagic Works! Click either of the Links at the bottom of this Page to access these Important Pages!

The prices shown in the various pages are correct till 2022. All Delivery Prices are for Mainland UK addresses only unless otherwise stated. Please Contact us for Delivery to other areas. Depending on the outcome of  the higher cost of goods due to the war in Ukraine,  things may change in 2022 but no matter which way this goes we will continue to produce the products you need and ship them out to you via whatever carriers are available! 


At BioMagic UK we try to keep things simple because all we want to do is tell you about our great products without too much fuss and hope that you will not only buy the products that you need but be so happy with the performance that you will become one of our regular customers like hundreds of other caravan, motor home and boat owners not just in the UK but around the world. To see the products available simply click on the BioMagic Products menu link and this will take you to a single page with all the available products listed. There is a brief description and image of the product. Just below each product description you will see an  add to cart button, Simply click on that to start your purchase then follow the prompts to the checkout page you can return to the items or pages to continue shopping and each time you make a purchase it will be added to your cart.

We use PayPal for all purchases but you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use it. If you do have a PayPal account then go ahead and use it as you have done before. if you don’t have a PayPal account you can still pay with a debit or credit card so please read the PayPal check out instruction thoroughly so that you will have a smooth transaction. All our prices include delivery to the Mainland UK by either Royal Mail Standard Post for the smaller items or UPS for the larger items. If you are in the Republic of Ireland and close enough to the border, try to have it delivered to an address in Northern Ireland to save you higher postage rates to the Republic or email us for a quote.

BioMagic is suitable for cassette type toilets not only for caravans and campers but for any size of larger holding tank as found on the larger Motor Homes, RV’s, Narrow boats, Cabin Cruisers and Yachts, even small ships and Super Yachts It can also be used for commodes in nursing homes and improves Composting toilet efficiency. BioMagic is 100% Biodegradable and works with nature to eliminate odour almost on contact and reduce solid waste and toilet paper to a harmless sludge that becomes almost a fertiliser though we are not suggesting that you use it on your vegetable garden or tomato plants. If you are a farmer or have a fish pond we also do a range of products that may interest you. You can also make a dog toilet in your garden with this product, email us for instructions. The link below will provide all the information you will need on the products.

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